November 24, 2017

Tinnell’s Prepared Foods

Tinnell's Finer Foods

Tinnell’s Finer Foods

I know you are all familiar with Tinnell’s ham biscuits.  Undoubtedly you are all also familiar with our pimento cheese… right?  However, other than these two delectable comestibles, do you know about the wide array of prepared foods and side dishes we offer here at Tinnell’s Finer Foods?

If you are in a hurry on your way home you can pick up (depending on the day) cooked babyback ribs, rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, boneless or bone-in chicken wings or chicken fingers.  On various days we also offer cooked New York strips and roasted salmon.

If you have a few minutes to cook then consider Tinnell’s famous crab cakes – both “everyday” and “jumbo-lump” varieties, salmon croquettes, chicken kabobs or filet mignon kabobs.

We have chicken salads: Thai, Cousin Laurie’s and traditional.  We have ham salad, tuna salad, seafood salad, egg salad, deviled

Tinnell's Specialty Foods

Tinnell’s Specialty Foods!

egg potato salad, pasta salad, zesty bow tie pasta salad, Rusty’s bean salad and pistachio salad.  For side dishes we have a feta-olive past “toss”, roasted veggie pasta blend, roasted baby potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes with maple seasoning, macaroni & cheese, roasted Fuji apples, stewed okra and tomatoes, cole slaw, broccoli cole slaw and carrot raisin slaw.

Of course we have our world-famous ham biscuits and our equally well-known pimento cheese (as well it’s “south-western cousin”, the Tex-Mex pimento cheese!)  We have cheese slaw, roasted tomato bruschetta, black bean dip, trout dip and crab dip.

We also have dessert!  You may choose from banana pudding, Casey’s mud pie, “Ultimate” chocolate cake, Kentucky-bourbon pecan pie or turtle cheesecake.

In short, whatever your mood, time availability or victual propensity Tinnell’s Finer Foods has what you are looking for.  Swing on

Tinnell's Crab Cakes

Tinnell’s Crab Cakes

by this evening and check it out for yourself!

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