January 17, 2018

ZUMMO! Tinnell’s Has Freshly-Squeezed Orange Juice!


Whoo-hooo!  We have been waiting like expectant parents and it is finally here: the Zummo Orange Juicer (CLICK HERE FOR NIFTY VIDEO)!

The Zummo is the latest and greatest state-of-the-art citrus juicer available on the planet.  Manufactured in Valencia, Spain (the orange captal of Europe), the Zummo is the only juicer available on the market that prevents any of the bitter oils from the zest or pith of the orange from getting in the juice.  The end result is an orange juice that is absolutely sublime!  It is lower in acid and sweeter than any commercially available orange juice and, being an unpasturized product, it hasn’t been “cooked” so it is a much fresher, more flavorful product (the lack of paturization does, however, limit the juice’s shelf life to 3 days).  The Zummo also has the distinction of being the only orange juice pressing machine in the world to have achieved “ISO14001” green acredidation.

Zummo Citrus Juicer

Zummo Citrus Juicer at Tinnell’s Finer Foods


Although these machines are ubiquitous in Europe, their presence in the U.S. is mostly limited to large metropolitan areas.  Until now, as far as we know, the closest one to the Roanoke Valley is in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The owner of Tinnell’s Finer Foods – Rett Ward – has had an interest in getting one of these machines since he purchase the neighborhood grocery from his Grandmother in 2000.  The final decision to purchase one was made when Ward recently attended the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago this past May.  When he saw one operating “up close and personal” he knew we needed one at Tinnell’s!  It arrived June 14th and we started selling juice on Friday the 15th… the response is tremendous!

We use boxes of fresh Valencia juicing oranges.  While Valencias are known for their flavor and inherant sweetnesss, the special “juicing” variety has an even sweeter, fresher-tasting profile and yields a better product.  We are picking them up fresh every week and are making the juice on a daily basis in order to ensure the best juice possible.  Currently we are selling half-gallon containers for $8.99.  We will also be offering quart and pint sized containers in the immediate future.

Tinnell’s Artisanal Cheese Selection

Several months ago we at Tinnell’s realized that with the passing of “Say Cheese” in downtown Mini Torta de OvejaRoanoke a few years back, the Valley no longer featured a cheese shop… we decided to rectify the situation!  Since our epiphany, we have been bringing in gorgeous, handmade artisan cheeses, charcuterie and “accessories” and our selection truly has to be seen to be appreciated.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano at Tinnell’s

When it comes to cheese we are, of course, carrying the classics: Parmigiano Reggiano; Aged ManchegoCurado“; fresh Mozzarella; Stilton (from Tuxford & Tebbutt… AMAZING); Boucheron; Brillat Savarin.  We are carrying more unique “specialty” cheeses: Cypress Grove “Purple Haze“; Beehive “Big John” Cajun Cheddar; Rogue Smokey Blue; Morel & Leek Jack (you have got to taste this stuff!); Ashe Juusto; Drunken Goat.  We are also carrying an impressive selection of local and regional cheeses: Goat Feta from Curtin’s Dairy (Rocky Mount); BloominLunitas (Hillsborough, NC); “Simply Cheddar Ball” from Waynesboro (not as simple as it sounds!); the entire line from Meadow Creek Dairy in Galax (Mountaineer, Appalachian and Grayson).  We also are stocking an impressive selection of handmade charcuterie ranging from Olli Salami produced in Richmond  to the inimitable Prosciutto di Parma (sliced to order) to the unbelievably tasty “San Guiseppe” line of salamis and sopressata produced in Elon, North Carolina by expatriate New Yorker Giacomo Santomauro!

Prosciutto di Parma

Prosciutto di Parma

To accompany your delightful cheese of choice we have loads of options.  We have the best Spanish Marcona almonds you will ever try (both raw and roasted), chutneys, ginger preserves, offerings from “Les Folies Fromages” (French small-batch compotes each designed to pair with a specific cheese type) as well as a wide array of crackers.  We carry olives: olive “grab bags”, olive tapenade, Spanish Manzanilla olives stuffed with pimentos, garlic, Marconas or (my personal favorite) anchovies.  Another “can’t-live-without” cheese partner is a fabulous olive oil, and Tinnell’s features the very best Greek extra-virgin olive oil from Ariston as well as an amazingly sweet, rich balsamic vinegar “di Modena“, both of which we carry in bulk so you can refill your bottles during your next shopping visit!  Of course no cheese platter is complete without bread and we receive daily shipments from Bread Craft and On the Rise, both locally owned and Roanoke-produced.  Also to be found is a wide assortment fruit from our wonderful produce section.  Last but not least, what is cheese without wine?  If you have not visited Tinnell’s Finer Foods in a while you may be surprised to find we have one of the largest wine departments in the Roanoke Valley with a wide-ranging selection of fine wines to fit any budget!

Cheese & Wine

Cheese & Wine

Since 1937 Tinnell’s Finer Foods has prided itself on providing the best customer service available anywhere.  So if you can’t find what you are looking for in stock, we are always happy to source anything you are looking for, whether it be cheese, wine or just general grocery items and get it in for you.  Please don’t hesitate to ask… it is truly our pleasure.

To get a more detailed listing of our cheese offerings please visit the Tinnell’s Cheese Menu.  In it you will find an extensive list of our cheese and charcuterie selections, wine pairing suggestions for each and every cheese and helpful hints on creating a cheese platter.  If you would prefer, Tinnell’s would be happy to make a cheese platter for you!  We can assemble a platter for virtually any budget with cheeses, crackers, fruit, etcetera… whatever you request.  Of course, we are getting in new cheese each and every week so the best way for you to see what we have is to stop by and see for yourself… we are more than happy to open up any cheese in the store and let you have a sample!  If you would like more information about our cheese and charcuterie department or to order up a cheese platter for your next event please feel free to contact our Meat & Deli Manager Daniel Scott at 540.345.7334.

Tinnell's Cheese Platter

Tinnell’s Cheese Platter