February 19, 2018


From our signature ham biscuits and pimento cheese to fresh seafood, we offer our customers foods that they can’t get many – or any – other places. Come in, explore and give your taste buds a treat!

Specialty Items
Tinnell’s Brand Pasta Sauce
Cousin Laurie’s Chicken Salad
Pimento Cheese& Tex Mex Pimento Cheese
Ham Biscuits
Cheese Slaw
Dickie’s Fudge
Sauer’s Barbecue Sauce
Gearhart’s Fine Chocalates
Caramels By Sam
Bagels from Roanoke Bagel Company
Kneedful Things products
Gunther’s Gourmet products 

Fresh Virginia Jumbo-Lump Crabcakes
Fresh Virginia Claw/Backfin Crabcakes
Fresh New England dry-packed Scallops
Fresh Loch Duart Salmon
Honey-Smoked Salmon
Rapahanock River Oysters (in season)
North Carolina Wild-Caught 16/20 Shrimp (frozen)
Soft Shell Crabs (frozen) (in season)

Filet Mignons
Whole Beef Tenderloins
Hanger Steaks
Skirt Steaks
Flank Steaks
Flat Irons
Center-Cut Sirloin
Boneless New York Strip
Boneless Ribeye
Rump Roast
Eye of Round Roast
Chuck Roast
Tri-Tip Roast
Ground Chuck (ground daily)
Grassfed Craig County New York Strips

Heritage Berkshire Pork Tenderloins
Heritage Berkshire Bone-In Ribeye Pork Chops
Heritage Berkshire Boneless Ribeye Pork Chops
Heritage Berkshire Baby Back Ribs
Benton’s Tennessee Bacon

Boneless-Skinless Chicken Breasts
Whole Chickens
Boneless-Skinless Thighs
Chicken Breast Tenderloins

Giacamo’s Sweet Sopressata from Elon, NC
Giacamo’s Hot Sopressata  from Elon, NC
Giacamo’s Milano Salami from Elon, NC

Many of our Specialty items are available for delivery. For more information, please contact us via email or call (540) 345-7334.