December 17, 2017

Saturday Tastings Kick Off with ONEHOPE Wines!

ONEHOPE LogoCalling all wine lovers who have a heart for charity! With donations becoming an “in” thing again, we thought you should get more out of the cost, like, say, a delicious wine. Enter ONEHOPE wines. We’ve brought in the 7 varietals available, and will grab up the red blend when it’s released later this month, so it’s time to taste!

Seven wines made by Robert Mondavi Jr. and a group of seven co-founders, who used to be Gallo reps, with several important causes near and dear to their hearts. So here’s the line-up:

The first 3 wines they produced when they started in 2007 were married with the causes that linked the whole group together: AIDS, breast cancer, and autism. What varietals are the most popular coming out of Napa, Sonoma, and Central Coast? Merlot, Chardonnay, and Cab! (respectively) Throughout the years they’ve added Pinot (Noir) for Paws, Sauvignon Blanc, the green grape for the environment, the all american grape with tough skin, Zin, for our troops, and sparkling Brut to end childhood hunger. And if you are concerned about where the money goes, ONEHOPE donates half of their proceeds to nonprofits that meet a list of 13 criteria; they’ve done the homework so you can free your conscience one glass at a time.

We’ve conveniently stacked these new wines at the end of the wine island, as well as sprinkled them throughout the sections. The sparkling and Chardonnay have become cold box staples, and this Saturday, September 6th, our new beverage manager, Andrea, will happily open them up for you to get a chance to sample. This will be kicking off SATURDAY TASTINGS as she pulls out the cork on new and different bottles in the store.

So like them on Facebook, and join us Saturday 12-3 to pick your favorite cause and wine!

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