February 19, 2018

Pre-order your Thanksgiving turkey now!

Black Heritage TurkeyThe famous Heritage Black Turkey will come to Tinnell’s for the first time and we are excited to carry the very finest! These birds set the standard that no one else can compete with: no hormones, no antibiotics, no animal by-products… these are good old fashioned turkeys bred for taste and tenderness, as opposed to fast growth and low cost like many  competitors. These Black Turkeys are also free range, living low stress comfortable lives and treated in the most humane manner, which makes for the most delicious Thanksgiving meal you can imagine!

Given the quality of fowl, they come at a price: $6.09 per pound available in two sizes, 13lb+ and 18lb+ with only a limited amount of smaller birds. We won’t be ordering any extra so come on in and place yours now!

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