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December Wine of the Month Tasting Notes

December, 2013
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McPherson Cellars
2012 “Les Copains”

McPherson Cellars is known for creating old world blends with a modern approach and this wine certainly provides no exception.  Les Copains, French for “the buddies”, is a term that symbolizes this exquisite combination of Rhone-style varietals.  This terrific and “taste friendly” white blend was created by Kim McPherson to showcase Rhone varietals grown on the Texas High Plains.  Soft, rich, and balanced, Les Copains emobodies the award-winning wines that Kim is renowned for producing.  Tough day?  “C’est la vie!”  Enjoy a bottle of this beautiful wine with your best buddies!

Les Copains is a proprietary blend of old world cultivars, comprised of 45% Viognier, 35% Roussanne, 16% Grenache Blanc, and 4% Marsanne.  The wine is lovely and versatile with delectable aromas of green apple, Asian pear, citrus, peach and white flower petals.  The Viognier gives it rich floral notes, the Grenache Blanc gave it green and citrus notes, and the Rousanne balances the two to create a fantastic wine.  It’s dry, crisp and easy drinking, soft and round with a lingering finish.  It provides a great match for Asian dishes, seafood salads, grilled fish and chicken and light cheeses.  Only 616 cases produced.

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Casa Vinicola Reyter
2008 “F” Malbec
Mendoza, Argentina

Alright… let’s start with the bottle.  The thing is impressively massive.  And the wine inside?  Equal to the container!  It pours a rich dark ruby red with a deep cloudy plum core.  The faint cloudiness is due to the lack of filtration (as is the sediment in the bottom of the bottle).  I have to recommend you decant this wine.  It’s not that it is some tremendous monster, it’s just that it needs to breathe in order to show off its lovely nuances.

The nose treats you to tobacco, bright red cherry, chocolate, cranberry sauce (yes, the ribbed kind from a can) and menthol, all backed by a subtle heat from the alcohol.  Occasionally I seemed to detect notes of vanilla as well.  On the palate a deep, dark, dusky fruit is borne on the back of a spicy undertone with notes of graphite and the fruits from the nose.  Overall, the mouthfeel is a bit lighter then you expect from a wine this large… more of a whole milk feel vs. the half & half you might have prepared for.

As a whole, for those accustomed to the big, bold Argentine Malbecs that are typical of the breed, this wine will come as a surprise.  It is much more nuanced.  It is big, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that it seems to come across more as an amazing example of an old-world wine than as one from the new.

If you have a little patience, I would suggest letting it air out overnight in a decanter before imbibing… what a difference a day makes!  The medium-weight tannins seemed to soften a bit and I noticed a mid-palate sweetness to the fruit that seemed to be absent the night before.  Also, a faint astringency I had noticed had passed.

I can’t recommend this wine enough.  It is absolutely beautiful on its own, but will pair wonderfully with red meats or spicy Asian foods.

Club price: $14.99 (Regular price: $17.99)


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