September 22, 2017

Fresh Local Greens!

UPDATE! We now stock EVERYTHING from Four Oaks Farms LLC! Only thing missing is the out of season Pac Choi.

Come snap up these greens:

FourOaks FourOaks2




Fresh local greens!

We are happy to say we have Four Oaks Farms LLC back on the shelf in a big way: Spring Mix, Green Bibb, Red Bibb, Arugula, Swiss Chard, and Micro-Greens, both mild and spicy!

Also available to us, by request, are clamshells of Green Lolla, Red Lolla, Green Oakleaf, and Red Oakleaf.
Currently out of season or stock is Pac Choi and Spinach.
Soon to come is Basil.

Come on down and grab some of these gorgeous leafy greens!MicrogreensBibb ClamshellsGreens

Chaos Mountain Tasting!

Chaos Mountain BrewingWe’ve got another Virginia brewery featured this week for our Thursday tasting: Chaos Mountain Brewing!

The 3 brews offered in six-packs have been on our shelves, Cheeky Monkey, Mad Hopper, and Squatch Ale, but we’ve added their 4 Mad Chefs and Agents of Chaos. Will, their brewer, will be with us to answer any and all questions, as well as bring some not yet available in bottles to spread the word about upcoming selections and some that will be available for keg purchase right here at Tinnell’s!

Be sure to stop by between 4PM and 7PM to taste the Chaos that is Brewing…

Devil’s Backbone Tasting!

Devil's BackboneWe are lucky enough to have Brian come down from Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company to tell us all about the stories behind the different brews. We will be sampling the classics we keep in store; Gold Leaf Lager, Striped Bass Pale Ale, Vienna Lager, and Eight Point IPA, so be sure to come find out what the buzz is about!

We will NOT be sampling their Pumpkin Hunter because… they sold out of 11,000 cases. We only have a few six-packs left… Oh my!

We’ll see you 4PM-7PM on Thursday, September 18th, for some local beer!