February 19, 2018

Welcome to Tinnell’s Finer Foods

grocery stores in Roanoke, Va.

Featured Items

New at Tinnell’s: Burgers!

Now at Tinnell’s: burgers cooked on our new grill. These delicious burgers made from our famous fresh ground chuck. Just $5.00 — and through Valentine’s Day, it’s buy one, get one free! Come in and try one today!  

February 2018 Wines of the Month

Our February Wine of the Month Club selections are from Pierano. Peirano “Illusion” Red 2016 Tasting Notes: The wine exhibits a rich deep burgundy hue with a perfect clarity. The aromas are a compendium of opulent chocolate and cocoa, with black currants and plums. The palate explodes with rich mouthfilling blackberries, black currants, plums and […]

Friday Wine Tasting – With Some Cheese

It’s Friday and that means Tinnell’s Friday afternoon wine tasting. Today we’re tasting Colutta ORG Pinot Grigio, M. Lawrence Sex Rose (sparkling NV), and Varal Tinto, The Pinot Grigio, a highly crafted white wine from Italy, has aromas of apple blossoms and quince, with underpinnings of bitter almonds. The wine is produced in Colli Orientali […]